15 Tips and guidelines for a more effective teeth whitening with trays

The smile is the mirror of our emotions. It is well known that when we meet someone, the first thing that we observe is the smile. A glowing smile immediately gains the impressions, shows self-esteem and health and gives positive energy and good mood. Bleaching the teeth is a process that dramatically improves the smile.

The most common way of bleaching the teeth is the use of trays filled with the whitening gel, at home. There are many different teeth whitening materials. The differences lie in the active ingredient, its density, the auxiliary ingredients and the potential desensitizers. Depending on the composition of the materials, these gels are used from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

However there are some tips in order to get more impressive results. Here you can see some tips and guidelines for a perfect teeth bleaching:

1. Brush your teeth very well before placing the trays in your mouth.

2. Dry the surface of the teeth as thoroughly as possible before placing the trays. The presence of saliva, water or toothpaste reduces the success of bleaching.

3. Dry the trays very well with cotton swabs or napkins. In this way you can place the gel exactly at the area that you want.

4. It is better to place less whitening gel in the trays. The excessive amount of material may flow to the gums and irritate them.

5. The material must be placed only on the external surface of the teeth. It is better not to place the gel near the gums, but near the cutting area of the teeth.

6. Leave the trays in your mouth for as long as you have been advised by your dentist.

7. After you take the trays out the mouth, rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth.

8. Wash the trays using water and toothbrush. Leave them upside down on a clean surface in order to dry.

9. Brush your teeth with toothpaste against sensitivity, 10 days before, during and after the procedure of bleaching.

10. During the procedure avoid smoking, drinking coffee, red wine, soft drinks, medicine containing iron etc.

11. If the gel flows to the gums, you can use vitamin E oil capsules to calm them.

12. If your teeth aren’t sensitive you can use whitening toothpaste to enhance the result.

13. Don’t use mouthwash with chlorhexidine during the bleaching process. Chlorhexidine may change the color of the teeth. If you want to use a mouthwash, you can use a mouthwash with oxygen peroxide, which has a whitening effect. 14. If your dentist has given you gels with different densities of the active ingredient, you should start using the lowest density material.

15. If you want to drink coffee, cola, red wine, tea etc. during the teeth whitening process, you should use a straw.

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